Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Deep Roots

I have been working on this drawing off and on for a while. As I sketched, God really impressed on me a sense of elapsed time. A tree like this would take much longer to grow than one planted in deep soil and would have initially struggled to get enough water to thrive. Life would have most likely begun with lots of starts and stops and many short bursts of growth. Once rooted however this tree is now perched upon solid rock and is virtually unmovable, its roots now extending into sustainable life giving water sources. I believe this is a picture that reflects many of our walks. My prayer is that my Faith will continue to grow deep and that my foundation will always be the Rock I know as Christ.
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  1. Haven't seen this one. Like it and the story behind it very much.

  2. Thx Debbie. I actually framed this one and have on my laundry room wall. It always reminds me That our walk with God is a life long growing process.

  3. I really love this drawing...

  4. Thank you. It has been one of my favorites for a long time


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