Monday, January 14, 2013

The Nail is Gone

Often I find myself dwelling on sins from my past.  I find my mind wondering back to the dark places, the areas that cause me grief and shame.  This week I was reminded that the nails are gone.  The only way the sin can have a hold on me is if I invite it in.   Today my prayer is that when I feel the shame of the old sins creeping in, I would remember that the nail is gone and that Christ has made me clean.  I am thankful to be rooted in Christ and pray that he will allow my light to shine as I walk through my day.  I pray that He would guard my feet from the slippery path of sin, and that I would always remember that "paid in full" means paid in full.

Question to ponder:  What sin are you dwelling on, what shame are you not willing to accept forgiveness for?
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  1. Amen! Beautiful sketch to go with our beautiful redemption!


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