Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inside my head

Thought I would let you inside my head today. 

  • What I am working on....  Several paintings that include elements of the Holy spirit raining down.
  • What I am currently reading...  Ephesians.  I have always loved this book of the bible and after spending the last few months focused on the old testament it has been a breath of fresh air
  • My prayer for today...  I have been focused on what it looks like to live out my Faith and how I can impact others through the gifts that God has given me.  I have had several conversations with some friends who are missionaries in Haiti regarding a specific art project.  My prayer today is that God would have his hand on this project and be the overwhelming guiding force.
  • What did I eat for lunch today...  Rice, bean and cheese burrito from Longboard Louie's  
Whats inside your head today.
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  1. I've had the drink offering on my mind. Priests usually got to eat a portion of the animal or grain they sacrificed. The drink offering was just poured out, wasted on the altar. The priest got nothing out that offering. I've been thinking about sacrifices in my life that seem to have no return & embracing the fact that some things are never ours to benefit from. They are meant to be wasted on the Lord, like Mary's jar of perfume.

    1. Teague, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Lynda was just talking about the jar of perfume last week along the same line.


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