Thursday, January 26, 2012

Matching strides

Posted by PicasaI had a friend blog about the trinity and what it is like to really walk as one with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Worth the read The Voice of One ).  I thought about the concept and the fact that to really walk with God we must be willing to match his stride, move when he moves, be still when he is still and step out when he prompts.  As a child I can remember running to keep up with my Father.  He was a school teacher and often walked me home.  He walked with long strides and with purpose.  I on the other hand tended to be easily distracted, often loosing precious seconds because of rocks, spiders, and other odds and ends that littered my path.  He did not stop, wait, or prompt me, he just kept going with the expectation that I would keep up.  I learned to move quickly as walking with my father was something I enjoyed.  I had his ear for the 15 min. walk home and during these short walks he seemed truly interested in hearing what I had to say.  God also has a distinct agenda and if we want to move with him we must match his stride.  If we want to match his stride we must be aligned with the Holy Spirit, and if we want to be aligned with the Holy Spirit, we must first accept that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for each of us. 


  1. Amen. Your post reminds of something someone shared with me about Song of Songs 2:8-13. They saw it as a picture of Christ, our husband, moving in newness of life & inviting us to match His steps as He moves in heavenly places. Cool.

  2. That is cool. Thank you for sharing Teague.


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