Sunday, April 24, 2016

Slowing down

I have taken a few months off from technology to live life in the moment rather than through the cropped and filtered digital memory of my iPhone.  I downshifted a bit and looked at life through my own eyes, attempting to capture mental images as I walked out my day.   I have enjoyed slowing down and living a bit closer to the present.  

During this time I purchased a new  ESV journal bible with high quality paper and plenty of room for drawing in the margins. 

I find my time in the word is enhanced by simply slowing down and sketching through what God is revealing on each page. 

How is God asking you to slow down?

1 comment:

  1. Since November 2014 the Lord has had me on a slower speed (you may have seen things I posted about this or we may have talked about it). The Lord hasn't given me liberty to work on big projects or hobbies or even study intensely. It has been a time of learning who I am because Christ is in me not because of what I achieve. This has been long, hard discipline for my soul, which always wants to do & find worth in doing. I am slow to learn but believe God's work will be fruitful!


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