Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jumping in with both feet

Posted by PicasaDo you ever have  those moments when you are being called to jump in with both feet?  At times there is just no easing into the water.  There is no way to test the temperature, you just have to leap.  Sometimes you feel God prompting you and there is risk associated with the action.  Risk of rejection, isolation, unpopularity, suffering,  etc...    I say jump, you have everything to gain.  My prayers today go out to the young man in Salt Lake with chest pains, The woman in the middle seat from Portland Maine who had a swollen ankle, and the grandfather who dearly loves his family and took the time to share his story of just how creative God can be.


  1. Hello,

    You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    I'm dawn's daughter, and since she only has a WordPress account she was not able to contact you because it would not allow her to comment on any of your post. I have a blog from blog spot and if you would like to allow comments from others, such as her, you can easily do so by updating your preferences in the comment sections of your dashboard. Thanks! Autumn Dawn

  2. Autumn, It should be wide open as I allow comments from anyone. Let me know if she is still having trouble.


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