Saturday, October 27, 2012

Paint like a child

As often happens my family awoke to me painting.  I find early morning painting is a great way for me to spend quiet time with God.  I listen to worship music, read a bit of scripture, then take up my brush and attempt to put on canvas what is swimming around in my head.  This morning when my 5 year old Sevi came down stairs he said "dad can I paint with you?"  How could I resist?  I grabbed one of my smaller canvases and set him up on the floor.  It was not long before his 8 year old brother Ben joined in.  I love watching my boys paint.  They attach the canvas with pure abandon.  There is no fear in their strokes and a piece, start to finish rarely takes more than 20 minutes.  

It is my prayer today that I would share my faith with the same exuberance that my kids paint.


  1. This challenges me in a way. As a parent, I tend to like to keep things simple, not risk a mess, etc. I'm blessed you put that canvas down & let your boys go at it. I'm sure the Lord does this for us all the time!

  2. This is so wonderful, Patrick and it made my day. I love that they collaborated. What joy as their father you must have had watching them create. Blessings to you.

  3. Good point Teague!

    Valerie, I sort of get lost in the moment when my boys hit their creative strides. If I would not have had my iphone handy I would have never captured the moment as I would have been afraid to miss it in the process of retrieving my camera. Yes I am a proud papa.


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