Monday, December 5, 2011


Emerge - to come into view, to become known, to come into focus. Life is not without purpose, but without direction we are lost. I find my direction in Christ and the more I get to know him the more alive I fell. I find that growth in my faith is typically followed by some sort of trial. It is during these times of trial that I must absolutely rely on God's strenth in my life. A few weeks ago I found myself sitting on a plane next to a young woman that was in the middle of her own trial. She had a decision to make and was confused. She shared with me that she had been praying through it, but felt conflicted. We talked for quite a while and I shared this drawing with her. Each turn of the branch in this drawing represents presure. We have two choices, we can stick to God's path, or vier off course. As we choose him and his path he forms us into the person we are ment to be. We discussed how God gave us his word as a filter for all decisions. If it does not pass the filter test, then it is not of him. I received an update a week ago and she put her decision up aginst God's word and has emerged from the preasure cooker feeling closer to Jesus. Sarah, thank you for the faith you showed in this decision, may God bless you as you grow in him.
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