Friday, December 2, 2011

Stranger than fiction

Some things that show up in reality are simply stranger than fiction. I spotted this cloud last night at sunset just sort of hanging out all on it own. It remindes me of a Jellyfish. I turned 45 degrees to the South and the rest  of the sky looked like .
God's painted sky has followed me back from Mexico. I take this as a simple reminder that God's creativity is all around us, even in a cloud formation that appears unnatural. Maybe that is just his way of getting my attention.

How is God getting your attention today?
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  1. CRAZY. God got my attention today when Carrie was telling me how God provided a gift for our daughter. She was talking about how He loves her, & cares about what she likes even though it isn't necessarily spiritual or part of His eternal plan. What struck me was that God loving us IS His eternal plan, & that plan is manifest in the cosmic sweep of all things as well as in His care for the sparrow. WOW.

  2. You see a jellyfish. I see an island in the middle of a lake :-)
    Today God got my attention while I was grabbing lunch. I was parked in front of a wall covered with vines. The leaves were changing, and each leaf looked gloriously intricate with its' own speckled, vibrant patterns. I was struck by the beautiful changes each season brings and God's abiding love for us.

  3. Teague, Valerie,

    Thank you for sharing. I love to hear how God is showing up in unique ways.

  4. I see a flying saucer! We had clouds just like this a while ago. So beautiful. God reveals himself when I'm still enough to perceive Him. We have a wood burning stove now and that helps slow me down a bit. Trying to do that more and more. Breathing in the smell, listening to the sounds, seeing my goaty-girls and feeling the chill of the goat barn helps me see God.

  5. Debbie, I like the thought of slowing down and breathing in the smell of a crackling fire.


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